Spore Islands Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spore Islands is a facebook game based on the popular PC game SPORE. In this game, you play the invisible hand of evolution/intelligent design (whichever you think made us what we are). The game is mostly about balancing your creature's stats enough so that it thrives in the Spore Islands area map and dominates the other species. You can go to other people's maps as well for more points, and they can go to yours too.

Here are some cheats, tips, and tricks for Spore Islands that I've been able to figure during my playing time. I hope this guide will guide you to a better playing position.

- You don't necessarily have to be the top of the food chain. If you can reproduce faster than your predators can eat you, you will still win in dominance.

- Using only one source of food is very risky, specially in crowded maps of Spore island.

- Fastest way to accumulate points is to appoint friends who can design "food" creatures for yours. To be fair, you can also design "food" creatures for them. Food creatures are badly designed creatures that can be eaten by your creatures as additional sources of food, all the while ensuring they do not compete with your creatures in terms of resources (make them eat rare herbs for example)

- If you're going for top predator, you can lower the sensitivity to danger to just one, because if anybody attacks you, you can always just annihilate them. Increase food/spark sensitivity instead.

- When building noncarnivores, go for either the extremity of defense or speed. Speed works well with fast multiplication and light weight. Kinda like real life.

- Lots of friends = more diversity = more points for all. So keep inviting people to your island.

- The more creatures you have roaming in your island, the faster points accumulates. If you're the top predator, expect to dominate the early part of the round, but as your food falls and your numbers go up, hunger will kill off most of your kind. If you're unlucky and get one creature stuck on a creatureless sector, you will be left with no creatures at all! After that, it's going to be a tough climb back up.

- Adding up above, consistency is key. To avoid overpopulation and crashing afterwards, carefully balance out your reproduction rate with the available food, which varies from location to location, and the local inhabitants of the place. In the event that you're not on top of the chain however, you should also take into account the chance your creature will get eaten. Again, getting eaten is not such a bad thing, as long as you can sustain losses. Don't worry about having your creature's ass handed back to him everytime it gets into a fight.We're playing survival here of a species, not just one creature. Insects are weak compared to humans, but they outnumber us by a million to one. Same logic applies. To sum up, do not overreproduce, do not underreproduce and you get the points.

- One interesting thing about this game is that what works for one island will not necessarily work on the next. Stats for every animal on your island is available in the main screen so you can copy interesting builds for your creatures.

- It's easy to give builds to people, but the fact is, all builds are equal and differ only by how well they interact with each other. The main objective of you as a player of this game is to figure out how to exploit the ecosystem. If you see a type of resource being underutilized, adopt your creature to it.

That's it for now, I'll add more tips and tricks later. Good luck with your spore island! Happy gaming!


tagskie said...

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teeyai said...

Spore game PC is actually a very fun game. Although the Space stage can get kind of dull after you've gone to the center of the galaxy and earned master badge level ten, it's still fun evolving your creature from a single-cell to a galactic warlord/shaman/trader/diplomat/zealot/knight/bard/ecologist/scientist/wanderer. Even if you've beaten the Space Stage 10 times, there are still those achievements to get. If you just like creating better, then you're not alone. (50/50 on that; it's fun to play and build).


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