You had me at "Macedonia."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I pointed out the red spaghetti sauce, the green salad leaves, and the blue table cloth. "This is Brutii, this is Scipii, and this is Julii," I told her. She went silent for a few nervous seconds and then pointed at the violet grape.

"SPQR!" she retorted.

I smiled. Game's on.

Egypt, I pointed out the Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil mixture. The napkin's Carthage, she told me. And then I held out the salad pincers at about the same time as she pointed out the brown bread. "Macedonia."

We were eating at Italianni's but for some reason the whole dinner set became coloured in the various factions of the Roman-era Europe.

At the end of it all we were laughing, slightly awkward at the fact that we had just done what could possibly be the geekiest thing that I have experienced in my years of going out on dates. And that both we didn't really mind.

So that night, I'm a nerd, and I was going out with a very geeky girl.

For those people who bother to ask,

p.s I think I'm in love.


Menaya Garces said...

Is this fictional or factual? Either way... good good stuff. And I'm not talking about literature.


It's real! haha

Hey hey hey! You're back!

Menaya Garces said...

I've been following your blog, wasn't really gone. :)


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