Men's Haircut: Stylist Salon vs. Barbershop

Monday, July 27, 2009

1. Tools.
Stylist: Scissors, wax, more scissors, hairclips
Barber: Scissors, blade, electric shaver, horse brush
Winner: Barber. Real men don't have anything to do with hairclips.

2. Smalltalk
Stylist: Hair highlighting options, showbiz, hair care
Barber: Politics, boxing, how he fucked that other girl the other day on the very seat you're using
Winner: Barber. Hair highlights have no political ramifications. Barber chair sex escapades do.

3. Haircut Options
Stylist: Layered? Highlighted? Trimming? Bangs?
Barber: Barbers cut? (yes is the only answer)
Winner: Barber. Less options means less reasons for you to screw up your haircut.

4. Addons
Stylist: Shampoo, post-cut waxing/styling
Barber: Shampoo optional, full man-massage.
Winner: Barber, unless you're not confident of your sexuality enough.


paoper said...

i DISagree. of course i don't need to explain, either. ;]


Part of me kinda says "I was expecting pao to react to this particular post."

Good thing I don't make bets with voices in my head. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm more comfortable at barbershops. As far as I can remember, I've only been at a salon 3 times.

Stylist said...

Hahahaha, this means that everything can be done in a simple way and don't ever make it broad unless you don't know what is your doing. Barbers makes hair cut and styling simple and like salons which also makes you pay for more cost. Thanks.


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