Battlefield 3 Hangs Up (A Rock And A Hard Place)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just raising this fix for those who have been encountering issues in the Battlefield 3 campaign, specifically the mission where

[spoiler]the soldiers mutiny after campo dies[/spoiler]

the only solution was to put it in window mode (alt+enter) right before i found the bodies and let it load the game (and it did!) and then when the next level started i resumed it at fullscreen by pressing alt+enter again. hope it helped. 

Cred goes to this guy:
Also, it helps if you reduce the detail level if you're not playing in a high end pc. You can set it back to normal afterwards.
 That said, enjoy the game. 

P.S. Will post on the tagaytay trip in a while.


09sameold said...

option 2 helped me thank u very much

Devin Padukka said...

Confirming this.
All graphics: low
Full screen: off
Loads next mission in like 3 secs


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