MRT Ticket Shortage Fun

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alright listen up.

I have with me a GENUINE RARE STORED VALUE MRT TICKET. March 2010 mint, limited edition, autographed by window cashier. 100 peso face value. Never been used, with faint scent of sweat used to acquire this darling piece of heaven. One of the last 100 in existence.

If you use the MRT as much as I do then you know that there is a retarded unexplainable shortage of tickets. Possible reasons I can think of so far are as follows:

1. Dear Leader Arroyo wants her face on every ticket (she almost already does actually) and she wants her face now on both sides, full body shot.

2. We will be replacing the ticketing system soon with Smartmatic scanners that will only let you in if you shade the Administration bets.

3. The MRT is running out of supplementary diet advertisements featuring either Chinese people or mediocre celebrities nobody remembers anymore. Less stored value tickets = less bonus rides = more profit = fuck you, dear commuter.

4. The stored value tickets are now being hoarded by a secret syndicate that wishes to open an underground economy of scalped tickets.

5. We will be releasing new MRT SVT prints that feature rising ABSCBN stars for no real reason at all. Nope. No real reason.

Anyway, best bid at the end of the day wins.


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