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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why do we have postcards of Philippine Presidents? I can't imagine a situation that a tourist or anybody who uses postcards for that matter would need to send somebody that kind of postcard. "Hi Anna! I'm in the Philippines right now, and I feel that you need to know what the deceased 2nd president of their country looks like." WISH YOU WERE WITH HIM.

Last year, MMDA banned sexy advertisements in EDSA, and I support that, granted that a few years back, an Ashanti picture nearly sent me flying over the Magallanes cloverleaf. But WHY is it that the new rule only applies to females, while male models are centimeters away from revealing their testicles on a 50x50 canvas? If a tourist were to observe how we cover our girls and make sure our men are stark naked in our ads, they'd think our whole country is gay.

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