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Monday, November 12, 2012

Okay, let's get this out of the way. Senator Tito Sotto sucks bigtime. There's not much debate there. He lies to the public, meanders during tax-paid hours, and  steals in the form of plagiarism and God knows what else. His mustache doesn't help in the good-lord-he-looks-like-a-villain department. People want him out and never heard from again. But then again, wasn't that the same line we were wailing some 10 years ago on the eve of EDSA 2? What was that you said? You didn't vote for him? Well I didn't either. But he's still there. WE obviously didn't do enough to convince everybody else to NOT vote for him again. Democracy isn't just about having a say in something. It's also about freely exchanging your say in something. If you didn't do your part, you're partly to blame. So shut up already.

But that's that and this is this.

Bottomline is, Sotto is in the Senate and we want him out.

"He should act better than that! He's a senator!"

People are once again calling for him to resign for plagiarizing speeches and articles. On Facebook. Using posts/speeches that they probably just jacked from other people, who thanks to the wonders of technology, are automatically attributed to unless deliberately removed from the repost/share loop. We need to get the word out, even if they're not our words or words given to us first hand. Sotto's the criminal. We're the vanguards of integrity.

"He should act better than that! He's a senator!"

Just as a bit of introspection, can we say that to ourselves as well? We who tirelessly repost, retweet, reshare without ever a word of notice or gratitude to the original creator of content? Remember what Sotto said about the Kennedy speech? "I thought it was apt for the moment, so I used it." That's pretty much every reason ever for reposting cats in hats, quotes, and Jinri Park pictures all over the internet. And that's probably your reason as well.

When was the last time you wrote your own speech? Thought up your own quote? Shot your own picture for sharing to everybody that doesn't involve beer, group pics, and jump fucking shots? By comparison when was the last itme you shared something of similar content from somebody else? Do you even remember who actually originally authored the content? Instagram doesn't fucking count.

Face it. You're no better than Sotto. You suck just as much. It just so happens he's a senator and you're not. Which means, shitty as he is, he is still better at you at being shitty and actually thriving from the amount of crap tacked into his personality.

"But he's a senator! He should be better than us!"

Can you even begin to digest how pathetic that sounds? To actually admit that it's okay for somebody to be better than you for god knows what reason, not even in something like a skill, but in something as purely simple as virtuousness, as though having a smaller role in society entitles you to a lower moral baseline.


The only line I'll accept is that "I'm better than that tool of a senator. Which is why he should not be there. Because I can do a better job than that fucker." Something to that line. Because as far as morals and intentions are concerned, there's no reason you should not claim and actually be inferior to Senator Sotto.

Stealing to bring down a thief is just as ridiculous as the original offense.

You have your capabilities. Write your own content or ask for permission.

Be better than Sotto. Be above him.

Then maybe looking down on him might not sound so ridiculous.

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