That One Joke I Couldn't Tell

Friday, April 27, 2012

Here's one joke I've had in my notebook since my early days of trying to do standup. I just couldn't find the heart to use it so I'll just post it here.
My ex was crazy. She wanted to be a policewoman. In bed. But sometimes you know I think she went to far?

One time I wanted to have sex but she had her period, she gave me a ticket for beating the red.

I tried to have anal sex and she jailed me for doing counterflow.

I tried have sex with her without a condom and I was fined for riding without a helmet.

And then I finally did it, over and done no violations. I felt pretty good actually.

And then she got up and started writing a ticket. "What for?"


Tasteless? Probably. Dirty? You betcha.

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