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Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's been a while since I last updated this blog, and it seems to have been raped by enough robots to be able to sell the rights to a filmhouse making nerd porn. As is customary, I am now to enumerate updates on my life (i.e. best attempts at excuses why I wasn't posting anything noteworthy)

Actual excuses worthwhile endeavours after the jump.

1. I've been pouring extra effort in stock trading. My recent losses with MPI and LodeStar Mining have now gone down from six digits to a paltry four digits thanks to IPVG-E-Games and well, Loadstar Mining. With this I am glad to report that after all those stupid things I did, fate has been kind enough to ensure that I will not spend my latter years sleeping in the streets shirtless. Lately I'm tempted to go back to the stock market, but I'd like to take the time to reevaluate some of my personal trading advices (apart from "Just don't"). I'll post them later here, in case you also want to stake your future on a field as random as John Lloyd Cruz's dancing. Current position 30% cash, 10% stock, 60% canned goods. (SPAM does not devaluate, and worse comes to worst it's a good source of protein)

2. Chemical Manila, my ongoing apocalyptic speculative novel is still ongoing, now standing at 19 chapters, approximately 22,000 words, and a zero audience base. Apparently less people want to read about Chemical Manila that's actually set in Manila, compared to the earlier release that was set in Laguna. Maybe it's the hotsprings. Anyway it doesn't matter. The story will continue as I see fit. Meanwhile, if you're interested, link can be found here: CLICK HERE.

3. I've been writing for the soft reboot of the magazine I used to audition for. So far I've written three full articles already with another one coming up for the next issue. I'll be giving more information on this as the issue actually comes out, because even if I told everybody here that yes, some editor was crazy enough to actually thinks that the things I write here are fit for paid consumption (haha. hi pao), nobody would believe me. But yeah, it's been consuming my time and mostly creative energies. Kinda like Noynoy Aquino's gray material. When you work with very small amounts of something, you'd be surprised how often it gets drained.

4. I finally got myself a new computer, and seeing as my last computer's capabilities go only as far as 2003, I now have a backlog of 7 years worth of games to play. Just to demonstrate how far that goes, the only Call of Duty game I played until I finished Call of Duty World at War game a few days ago was Call of Duty 1. Without the expansion. So now I'm dunking myself headfirst into gaming again, although my body is now protesting against it, having been used to playing simple games that don't chuck photorealistic and highly dynamic environments in your eyes, which is the equivalent of trying to fit our First Gentleman into a handcarry luggage (forgive the comparisons, I can't really think of a lot of fat people analogies lately. They weigh me down)

5. Bonds. I've also gone into the bonds market now. My mother's been more than happy to teach me the ins and outs but so far, I've been as absorbent as a piece of marble. It's a whole different ballgame from the stock market and it moves at the pace of our economic development, and literally. Boring, but dependable I'd say. Still, you can't really beat 6% a year for dollar accounts.

6. Work. I can't really elaborate anymore how much work I have. I've long since given up trying to make sense out of all of it but I realize my job is still a whole lot better than Noynoy Aquino's PR staff. At least for my case, my problems aren't affecting national stability. I'm now open to any other major developments in my career, though in keeping with my principle that's exclusively based on the virtue of sloth, I'd rather stay here.

7. Digiworx and me are now officially part of the final roster of people who submitted movies to the Fully Booked Philippine Graphic Literature Awards. You can still vote for us (see post after this one) on the online poll thingie. We can get free IPod Touches for it. I'll be so generous to share you a free mp3 song if you vote for us and we win. (Download costs from 4shared not included)

8. My girlfriend, for if not for her my world would have long since crumbled. Well, maybe not really. I just thought it'd be awfully sweet if I said that, as though I'm dedicating a book to her, only I have no book yet, and I want instant gratification. Seriously though, we need more time together. Like we still haven't finished both Left 4 Dead installments. Maybe I need to put that on top of my things to do list. Yeah that.

Anyway, that's it for today. I have to go back to work now.


Anonymous said...

You remind me of that stupid The Oatmeal. Or that site reminds me of the level of your skill that's as lethargic as the level of sympathy and genuine grieving we felt for Cory.

All of your posts are STUPID and I'm never going back next week after my work to check out the blog. And who says Noynoy's PR Staff aren't talented and will surely get us screwed for at least the next 18 years with all our streets painted with color Camella and turn our street kids so rugby-rized, they'd end up farting glitters like unicorns?

I'm reading Chemical Manila and still following your stocks endeavor so I can laugh at you when it fails. Or at myself for following your route.

Bisaya Short Film:

Jerri said...

i'm still trying to catch up on chemical manila, although my desire to stay away from RB is still strong at the moment.


Shits and giggles for everybody.


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