Retro-tarded Technology

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Technology is ridiculous when you think about it.

10 years ago, we had phones we could operate without even looking at the screen through muscle memory and one hand. Apparently, this arrangement was too much of a hassle for some reason so we did away with the buttons and started using touch screen instead. Ten years later, people are looking for a faster way to interface with their phones without having to look at the screen and using both hands. Here's an idea. Buttons.

10 years ago, a bunch of guys decided that having to put up with a large cache of oversized CDs or radio DJs that lords over your music selection is simply unbearable. Their solution? Gigabyte-sized MP3 players. 10 years later, with thousands of songs literally in our pocket, those same guys are trying to find way to develop intelligence that picks out the most popular songs in the batch and automatically plays them for us. Here's an idea. Radio DJs.

30 years ago we developed videogames as a way to play without actually having to do anything physical. 30 years later, we're trying so hard to make the games as realistic as possible and give us as much exercise as possible. Why not just go outside and actually play?

The future is now. And looking at the trend, now's pretty retarded to me.

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