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Monday, December 07, 2009

I used to wonder why the MMDA insisted on drawing pink lines on ALL streets in Manila, until I realized one thing. Holy shit, Bayani Fernando wants our streets to be highlighted in Google Maps! Think of Manila as review material and MMDA as a HUGE Stabilo highlighter.

Which reminds me, I never really got to understand why some people insist on using a highlighter, to highlight every fucking word in whatever they're reviewing. Where's the point there? So your notes can double up as a roadside warning device?

I remember back in highschool, vandalism was such a big problem all sorts of felt-tip markers were banned. The pentel pens were the first to go, understandably. But being highschool students in an All-Boys school, that wasn't nearly enough to stop us from drawing penis symbols all over the campus, as though a testicular voice from outerspace commands us to pay homage. No, we turned to Stabilo highlighters, which in the end were banned too. So much for Neon graffiti. But did that stop our artistic drive?

Not even close. Seeing there are no longer other options, vandals started using the only things still legal - ballpoint pens. Can you imagine how hard it is to vandalize a bathroom tile with just a pen? You don't write anymore. You CARVE. You can just imagine the dedication of the people who did vandalisms in our all-tile CR (designed as such so vandalisms are easy to clean up). The guys who did Mount Rushmore would be so proud. Although, they might not be as approving of the message "Malaki ang Suso ni Miss Tabuso", complete with a graphical representation to drive the point home.

I don't even get why we have to write those things. I mean, our teacher has a huge rack. That's a given. Normal people would smile at the thought. Normal teenagers would probably masturbate. A small minority will see this as an opportunity to capture a message and get it out the only way they can - WRITE IT ON THE COMFORT ROOM WALLS.

Other times, you'd even see replies to vandalisms, and replies to replies, each just as funny and depressing as the last.

And then I realized, it was 1996, and I was in highschool.

I was staring at threads upon threads of anonymous conversation on the CR walls.

And numbers of illustrations, both lewd and random.

And probably the earliest incarnation of 4chan.

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