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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The other day, while I was quietly waiting for my flight to Manila at the HK airport, a couple of Filipino men sat in front of me at the boarding gate lounge. From their looks, they were probably no different from me, sent by their company to work overseas. It was more of a passing observation, I was tired and I just wanted to concentrate in trying to watch porn in my portable player without getting caught.

It was all good, but then they just had to whore more attention. One guy brought out a laptop and started talking (read: yelling out loud) about how he's setup the servers already in linux (Redhat 9) and how he wants to go to Chicago (Illinois, yes, he mentioned this too) at this time of the year. I tried to keep it in and let it slip. The man needs to work, and maybe he's just living near the airport, that's why his hearing is messed up.

And then he whips out his phone. His companion walked away. He then starts talking about how much he's earning, and how he's travelling and shit. Meanwhile my boner has vanished to thin air, replaced by blood-curdling whispers from the back of my head requesting manslaughter.

The other passengers noticed of course. He was loud as fuck. Proof? The mainland Chinese who are notorious for having the DSL lines of blabbermouthery (i.e. lots and loud) had to take notice too.

And then something interesting happened, and I wish I was making this up. The phone he was holding rang. A moment of silence was held for the poor guy. If I listened harder I swear I would've heard somebody's dignity dying. Good thing he took it as a cue to shut the fuck up too.

I just couldn't understand what he was doing. Was he trying to impress strangers waiting for the plane? What would that get him anyway? That's like giving foreigners handjobs hoping that'll get you a Barangay Captain position in the elections.

It's retarded.

Listen, working on the go does not make you look successful. If ever, it just makes you look like any of the following:

- A douchebag who can't finish his work at the office and has to work extra to make up for it.
- A corporate slave who has no life whatsoever outside work.
- A corporate slave douchebag who can't finish his work at the office.

I'm not saying telecommuting is bad. It's just not something to be flaunted, that's all. You want to see what really successful people do to show they're succesful? They don't. They just are. I doubt Michael Jordan dribbles his ball and shoots hoops while waiting for the plane (or maybe he just jumps from state to state). Even Michael Jackson holds off his child molestation practices until he gets to his ranch.

Also, on a minor sidenote, uttering the phrase RedHat Linux 9 in public will gain you nothing but a good reason for being ostracised.

Next, when you're travelling because your company sent you to whichever country you're in, that also doesn't make you big time. It's company money and the reason you're being sent to that country is that they don't want to pay more to get somebody already working in that country to do your job. Yes, you're a human 50% off coupon and no, it's not something to be proud of.

Long story short, if you still need to show people how successful you are, you still ain't. If you think you already are, at that stage, you're obviously missing several important points.

IQ points. A hundred or so.


Dani said...

Wahaha! He deserved it!

Fred said...

Hahaha, let's face it. Had there been a japayuki hussy somewhere around the place, he would have gotten a quick lay. And the bottom line is, he doesn't know anybody on that flight. He could repeat the very same MO until he gets laid by the aforementioned traveling japayuki.

fred said...

Oh yeah, after he gets laid by the imaginary japayuki. On his next trip, he can very well be watching porn starring himself when he decides to purchase a video player for himself. Haha


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